This trophy is usually awarded by the Suffolk Ladies County Golf Association to an exceptional team. However, this year the SLCGA Captain, in whose gift it is, wished to honour the exceptional contribution Sue has made to County golf over many years. Louise’s very warm tribute at our AGM spoke to Sue’s dedication as Captain and President of the SLCGA and the great variety of roles she has played within the organisation including her founding of the very successful 100 Club which raises funds for additional areas of the game not founded by the County generally. In accepting the award Sue said she had not been able to attend the SLCGA AGM but had watched it via Zoom. As the President described the curriculum vitae of the winner Sue began to note the parallels with herself and was absolutely thrilled to discover that she was, indeed, to be the recipient. With typical modesty Sue expressed her wish to share the award with the late Julie Latimer-Jones who got Sue involved in the County by asking her to assist her with the USGA handicap rating system. This led to Sue eventually becoming team leader for Suffolk. A tribute to Julie, largely written by Sue, had been read out at the start of the SLCGA AGM on Saturday, 7th January. It is lovely to see this photo on their website.

Photo: Louise Morse presenting Sue Cook with the Nigel Birrell Trophy